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At Resilience, the mission is personal and underpins our services from holistic insurance coverage at bind, to loss mitigation services post-bind, to custom, on-going security services throughout the lifecycle of the policy. We offer a fresh approach to the middle market in cyber insurance backed by a A+ rated carrier and an in-house claims team. Your cyber resilience is our business.

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Fighting cyberattacks demands a holistic approach. We bring together this full complement of security, insurance and claims—all supported by superior data gathering and analytics—to provide highly tailored defense, coverage and support for mid-market companies. We are here to serve you. Contact us to see how we can make your organization cyber resilient.

Insurance Coverage

  • Comprehensive coverage throughout a cyber incident
  • Market-leading coverage extensions for often overlooked losses
  • Exemplary in-house insurance and claims team
  • Full incident response and restoration services
  • Automated distribution platform for brokers

Security Services

  • In-house assessment services to uncover the unique risks of your organization
  • CISO-to-CISO consultative services
  • Proprietary, forward-looking risk modeling
  • Direct access to our Security Partner Network, and Security Credit good towards products and services
  • In-house cyber prevention and recovery services

Resilience insureds
can rely on:

Actionable cyberrisk assessments based on our advanced analytics platform

Intuitive coverage based on your unique risks

Pre-breach and claims services designed for challenges facing
middle-market businesses

Resilience brokers
can rely on:

Transparency and flexibility with clear policy wording

A trusted partner to assist insureds in understanding and mitigating their risk

Targeted solutions to meet your clients' cyber needs

Latest News

Financial Times: US tech pushes for ransomware to be designated a national security threat.

April 29, 2021

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