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Resilience is bridging the gap between cyber insurance and cybersecurity with holistic risk assessment technology called Cyber Meteorology. Resilience Cyber Insurance Solutions offers insurance products with bespoke security assessments. Resilience's security experts are ready to partner with you to ensure your organization is protected throughout the lifecycle of your insurance policy.

We recognize that every company is unique and that powerful data-driven insights should never automate or replace direct communications with brokers and insureds. People first, powered by data.

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Fighting cyberattacks demands a holistic approach. We bring together this full complement of security, insurance and claims—all supported by superior data gathering and analytics—to provide highly tailored defense, coverage and support for mid-market companies. We are here to serve you. Contact us to see how we can make your organization cyber resilient.

Insurance Coverage

  • Comprehensive coverage throughout a cyber incident
  • Market-leading coverage extensions for often overlooked losses
  • Exemplary in-house insurance and claims team
  • Full incident response and restoration services
  • Automated distribution platform for brokers

Security Services

  • In-house assessment services to uncover the unique risks of your organization
  • CISO-to-CISO consultative services
  • Proprietary, forward-looking risk modeling
  • Direct access to our Security Partner Network, and Security Credit good towards products and services
  • In-house cyber prevention and recovery services

Resilience insureds
can rely on:

Actionable cyberrisk assessments based on our advanced analytics platform

Intuitive coverage based on your unique risks

Pre-breach and claims services designed for challenges facing
middle-market businesses

Resilience brokers
can rely on:

Transparency and flexibility with clear policy wording

A trusted partner to assist insureds in understanding and mitigating their risk

Targeted solutions to meet your clients' cyber needs

Latest News

Financial Times: US tech pushes for ransomware to be designated a national security threat.

April 29, 2021

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