Creating Tools for Resilience with Vic Marchetti

by | Oct 13, 2020

Awareness goes beyond tips so as part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Resilience team will be sharing personal stories of how we got our start in cyber insurance and what keeps us passionate about helping our customers!

Today we’re chatting with Vic Marchetti, Vice President of Distribution for Resilience Insurance.

What brought you to cybersecurity/cyber insurance?

I’d studied finance and management in college but a few years after I graduated made a shift to insurance. My dad is in the insurance industry so in some ways, I always knew that long term, insurance would lead to great career opportunities.

When I shifted to insurance I started in Errors & Omissions, with a focus specifically in cyber. I’m very grateful that I ended up with a cyber focus. It’s an ever-evolving industry, where some other lines of insurance can be more mundane. I’ve found that even though cyber may be a newer focus for a lot of companies the impacts can be just as severe. It’s validating to be on the cutting edge of finding solutions to those risks for our customers.

What do you enjoy about working in cybersecurity/cyber insurance?

It’s a top 3 concern for almost all boards and organizations out there so it’s definitely on everyone’s minds. I enjoy that something I work on everyday is so vital to so many people. The potential impact of cyber risk on a business is very large and growing so our work is incredibly important for both brokers and organizations but at the same time, cyber insurance isn’t a pre-established space so there aren’t the same foundational tools and resources that exist elsewhere in insurance. There are so many opportunities to drive change and to do it in a meaningful way and that is really incredible to be a part of that as part of your daily job.

What advice do you have for folks out there who are overwhelmed by the idea of cybersecurity but know they need to do something to start protecting themselves?

If you’re overwhelmed – either personally or as an organization – start with a small objective. Start improving your environment or with a few small improvements and learn to prioritize off of your company’s risk profile. Think about what can be most impactful to you or your organization and build a roadmap from there – base it on what works for you.

We’re sharing tips for shoring up cybersecurity at home as well at work – how do you make sure your home is cybersecure?

I’m a big fan of password managers – that’s an easy first step to get a baseline for a secure personal environment. Make sure your various devices utilize multi-factor authentication and are connected securely to the network. If possible, use a segregated network for any smart home devices so that your personal/work network is separate from your home devices.

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