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The Resilience Cyber Reboot program is designed to improve a client’s cybersecurity posture in order to place them in the best position to qualify for cyber insurance.

The market for cyber insurance is hardening, making it more difficult to find quality insurance at affordable prices. For those who have been the victim of a major breach or ransomware attack, Resilience Security Services can still support you.

Cyber Reboot Services

  • Comprehensive Security Audit
    A comprehensive security audit with the information needed to build your reboot plan.
  • Technical Security Consultation
    A detailed understanding of your top risks based on external/cloud scanning and our security survey.
  • Ransomware Readiness and Incident Response Planning
    Comprehensive ransomware readiness strategy and planning with access to our vendor network.
  • Rigorous Monitoring and Reporting Assessments
    Close and frequent monitoring of your cloud and external attack surface with regular engagement.
  • Critical Vulnerability Alerts
    Proactive warnings about your exposure and guidance on new threats such as Solar Winds or Hafnium.

Pathway to Cyber Resilience

Step 1

Initiate Documentation With Security Teams

Step 2

Complete Security Audit

Step 3

Review Audit Results

Step 4

Incident Response / Ransomware Readiness

Step 5

Continuously Monitor / Assess / Alert

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