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Delivering on our promise of Insure + Secure, the Resilience Ransomware Readiness Framework is included with every Resilience cyber insurance policy. Designed to prepare corporate teams to defend against and recover from ransomware attacks, the Framework is the cultivation of our team’s industry expertise in national defense, cybersecurity, and incident response. Ransomware can occur at any time. Are you prepared?

Ransomware War Game

Every policyholder is invited to a Ransomware War Game. The goal is to experience the urgent decision-making process when under attack and understand the vulnerabilities in a real-world ransomware event.

Customized scenario

Real-time threat simulation and crisis response

After Action Report


Review trending threats in your industry.

Technical Security

Technical findings with recommendations based on external scanning.

Ransomware Checklist and Incident Response Plans

A detailed explanation of your insurance policy coverage, as well as planning documents and guides for your security teams to implement.

Keeping Watch

Throughout the lifecycle of your policy, our security team continues to watch over your network and provide critical alerts when necessary.

Microsoft Office 365 Scanning
Our purpose-built Office 365 Security Assessment Tool automatically determines if a vulnerability in your environment has been detected.

Critical Vulnerability Monitoring and Alerts
Resilience can continuously monitor external IT infrastructure and Dark Web exposure. As new threats like Solar Winds or Hafnium arise, we proactively send alerts with security recommendations.

This may include:

  • External “attack surface” for vulnerable systems
  • Dark Web scanning
  • Threat Intelligence reporting from DHS and our community partners

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