A Cyber Solution for
the Property Market

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Powered by our advanced risk analysis, our Business Gap Policy uses technical analysis to understand an organization’s cyberrisk, and provides a comprehensive risk transfer solution to protect from costly business interruption incidents caused by cyberbreaches that aren't covered under current property policies.

Often referred to as 'silent cyber,' these gaps are commonly a result of a lack of specific language around damage due to cyberattacks, or not addressing the threat at all, leaving coverage open to interpretation, and most often not in the favor of the policy holder.

We're here to fill the gaps that property policies may not cover including:

Policy Benefit Highlights

Contract certainty for affirmative coverage in an uncertain market

Dedicated limits for business income loss

Difference-in-conditions (DIC) coverage fills in gaps in an organization's property policy

Expert incident response from our premiere in-house claims team

Ensure Coverage With A Policy that Includes

  • Interruption Loss
  • Contingent Interruption Loss
  • Off-Premises Service Interruption Loss
  • Logistics Extra Costs
  • Extortion Loss
  • Computer Hardware Replacement
  • Proof of Loss Expenses

Address Silent Cyber With Resilience

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