Cyber Policy

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Resilience is insurance plus security. As part of delivering on that promise, we've designed a comprehensive yet streamlined policy that provides coverage across the entire lifecycle of a data breach.

Organized to follow the progression of needs after an incident—costs/loss/liability—our modular approach helps clarify and simplify the often confusing area of cyber coverage. And it doesn't stop there, our in-house experts in security, claims and underwriting are there every step of the way with support, guidance and clear actions to keep you insured and secured.

A Comprehensive Solution to Cyberrisk

Actionable steps to protect and prepare, based on our advanced analytics and Resilience Security Credit to use on security products and services from our partners

Intuitive coverage that covers the actual progression of a cyber incident and support from our in-house experts every step of the way

Pre-breach, hardening, and claims services designed to confront the challenges facing middle-market businesses

Learn more about Resilience Security Credit, our innovative program
that gives you credit for boosting your security.

Resilience Security Credit

Ensure Coverage with a Policy that may include

  • Response Costs
  • Data Recovery
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Insured Interruption
  • Vendor Interruption
  • Extortion Loss
  • Bodily Injury
  • Regulatory Defense & Liability
  • Merchant Services (PCI)

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