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Cybercriminals have taken to dressing old tactics in new disguises. Not to worry, the Resilience team are veterans of wars, national security crises and some of the largest breaches in history and we are here to help protect you, wherever you choose to work.

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Work-from-Home Solutions

From consultation to claims, Resilience provides customized services and discounted offers from our Partner Network to help assess, respond to and recover from remote work incidents.

Get Expert Advice

Abrupt moves from office to home have left everyone wondering how old threats should be prioritized against the new 'home office'. The Resilience team of security engineers, network architects and insurance experts can help you get your hands around the new reality.

Automated Office 365 Check

is a complimentary cloud business email system assessment that ensures your security configuration supports remote operations.

CISO Strategic Consulting

is complimentary to any security leader struggling with how to balance remote operations with legacy security risks.

WFH Security Assessment

is also available through Resilience incident response partners to improve your organization's remote access and operations.

With the world's attention diverted, criminals are taking advantage of the situation to launch new attacks specifically designed to disrupt business in new work-from-home environments. If you should experience a cyberbreach, we're here to guide you through every step with services and support that's included in the price of your policy.

Breach Coach

is your first call, and helps evaluate the extent of an incident. Our years of experience also allow for quick action helping to minimize damage from an incident.

Incident Response

specialists are covered under your policy and conduct a cutting-edge forensic investigation, even remotely. Resilience matches the best firm to handle your response based on your company profile and relationships.

Legal Representation

is covered under your policy and maximizes the value of your investigation to ensure compliance with any privacy law or data protection obligations while mitigating downstream risk. Our partners also offer consulting and workshops ahead of time to help you manage data handling requirements as you move to remote work.

Resilience is by your side to help you recover from an incident and keep your remote working systems secure.

Post-Claim Consultation

is available complimentary to Resilience clients to ensure correct systems configurations and to identify and address priority gaps.

WFH Cyber Exercise

is a unique tabletop exercise that helps you understand how to plan for business continuity and avoid future incidents. Our partners offer discounts and specially themed scenarios to address risks associated with increased work-from-home practices.

Secure Cloud Office and Email

can provide far greater security than a corporately managed email server. Deploy Office 365 or G Suite securely for your entire organization through our vendor partners, including email security and other products that keep your users working safely.

Advance Endpoint Security

goes beyond traditional anti-virus to detect targeted malware and stop the execution of an attack before it happens.

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